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Branhamism is rooted in the worship and faith in Jesus Christ as the only God and rejects the existence of the trinity. Started by William Marion Branham (commonly called Brother Branham), this doctrine encourages followers to trust and be faithful to the Lord. Feel free to attend our worship services in Gatineau! We are just a few minutes from Ottawa and Hull.

Branhamism was founded in 1988.


Branhamism Ottawa

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 Work of Evangelization Gatineau

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Work of Evangelization Gatineau


Our Church is based in Gatineau, just a few minutes from Ottawa and Hull.

Work of Evangelization Gatineau


Our goal is to share the Word of God through Branhamism. To this end, we regularly hold meetings designed to teach couples how to foster unity and strengthen their relationship.

As for the younger ones, they are encouraged to enroll in our youth camps. This event helps to bring them closer to God through fun activities. Other works of evangelization are also scheduled in the streets, workplaces and schools.

Count on us to help you get closer to God through his teachings.


Branhamism Gatineau

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Our Christian faith centres around the Bible.

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