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Preaching in Ottawa

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We share the Word of God through preaching. Come by our church to learn more!

Preaching Is an Effective Tool
for Spreading the Word of God

Our worship services are an excellent way to share the Word of God. As its name suggests, the Gospels announce the good news, the message of Jesus Christ.

They are used to spread the Christian faith and to explain the Lord’s resurrection. Founded by William Marion Branham (commonly called brother Branham), Branhamism centres around the Bible.

Branhamism acknowledges only one God: Jesus Christ.


Preaching Ottawa

Our Church at a Glance

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  • Branhamism
 Work of Evangelization Gatineau

Our Strengths

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Work of Evangelization Gatineau


Our Church is based in Gatineau, just a few minutes from Ottawa and Hull.

Work of Evangelization Gatineau


Our preaching missions aim to share the Word of God around us, be it in the streets, schools or workplaces. Weekly meetings are also organized to help couples in placing their lives in God’s hands.

Additionally, the little ones can participate in youth camps, where our pastors will take care of religious service and supervision.

You can count on us to supervise your children during their stay at the camp.


Preaching Gatineau

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We preach in Ottawa, Gatineau, Hull and the surrounding areas.

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